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Walking the labyrinth is an ancient movement meditation. With focus, you walk a winding path from margin to center, following a single route in and back out. The process invites spiritual metaphors, encouraging you to reframe your questions and quests. Don’t bother trying to read about it. Everything the books say is ridiculous. “It’s a map of your spiritual life.” “A microcosm of planet earth.” “A cosmic map of creation.” […]

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Culture Clash

You can’t take a course called ‘The Land is Sacred’ in the Native Ministries program without going out on the land! — Rev. Ray Aldred, explaining why our VST class was taking a field trip. Our class visited the UBC Botanical Gardens for a tour of Indigenous Plants. Tamara, our guide, stressed the survival value of knowing your local plants. I was flooded with a recognition of the immensity of the culture […]

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Is the Bible an Indigenous Text?

Is the Bible an Indigenous Text? That’s the question my colleague Rev. Ray Aldred,  a status Cree from Northern Alberta, posed to his class on the first day. He did define “Indigenous” as “in relationship with the land.” But, true to his subtle teaching style, he did not ask us the question directly. That’s right: us. I’m a student this week, participating in the Native Ministries Consortium at the Vancouver School of […]

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