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Love, Sex, and Assault in Song of Songs

Two weeks ago, on the Rabbis Without Borders blog, my colleague Ruth Abusch-Magder said, “Let’s talk about sex!” And now, just before Passover, let’s talk about it some more. Let’s talk about what is beautiful in sex – and also what is harmful. Let’s talk about love, and let’s talk about assault. Passover is the perfect time – because it’s a Passover tradition to read Shir HaShirim, The Song of […]

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Compassion is God’s Revenge

The Ba’al Shem Tov taught: Compassion is God’s revenge. Is this not a beautiful teaching for the Jewish New Year? God doesn’t avenge. God only loves. When God feels your pain, God pours more love into the world. So don’t bother praying for God to help you harm someone. You’ll have to find a different prayer. Maybe one that asks God to help others let go of their rage, fear, […]

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Chesed: Plato on Love

Do you know the wise woman Diotima, a fictional character in Plato’s dialogue Symposium? Six learned, drunken men discuss their lyrical, illogical philosophies of love  — until Socrates redirects them by teaching Diotima’s philosophy. Love, says Diotima, is developmental. The human capacity to love must mature. First a young lover is enamoured of one beautiful body; next the lover appreciates all beautiful bodies; then the lover learns to value people’s souls; then […]

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