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What’s the Story with Passover?

Spring term teaching is over at Vancouver School of Theology — just in time for Passover! I’ll miss the class I just finished teaching, Sacred Texts and Oral Traditions — a speedy introduction to sacred narrative in four traditions: Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Indigenous Canadian, with an emphasis on the role of oral story, performance, and creativity in all four traditions. But I’ll keep it with me, as I prepare for Passover. At one class meeting, […]

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Judaism on One Foot

Mission Impossible. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to present a  15-minute “introduction to Judaism, including its rituals, festivals, holy days, family and community life, and central beliefs and scripture, and to incorporate an answer to ‘What is your religion’s position and approach to inter-religious dialogue and in promoting peace, justice and reconciliation?’” Would you accept? I did — and here is what I said. My favourite […]

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