Walking the labyrinth is an ancient movement meditation. With focus, you walk a winding path from margin to center, following a single route in and back out. The process invites spiritual metaphors, encouraging you to reframe your questions and quests. Don’t bother trying to read about it. Everything the books say is ridiculous. “It’s a map of your spiritual life.” “A microcosm of planet earth.” “A cosmic map of creation.” […]

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Broken-hearted Prayer

So many dead in racial violence in one short, chaotic American week. Dear Lord. Dear Lord. Whose heart isn’t breaking? Some people know exactly how to respond – but I don’t. As a religious and spiritual person, I’m moved to pray. But is prayer an effective response to crisis? Of course it depends what kind of prayer we have in mind. Praying a traditional synagogue liturgy of peace with special […]

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With Perfect Faith

A lion lies down with a lamb A kingdom of heaven brings the rule of love A trumpet declares God’s mercy Souls release negative habits Liberation breaks cycles of pain With perfect faith we believe It’s a slow process to that day When God’s many names converge in One When divided peoples reconcile as One When broken hearts care for each One With perfect faith We wait We work We wonder AND WE LISTEN: Translation: I […]

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