Death of a Cat

“Mom, mom, mom, mom,” says Eli. “Not-Koi is in front of our house and he’s not moving.” Not-Koi is a neighbor, a yellow tabby cat, a long-time friend of our yellow tabby Koi. The two cats look so much alike, that we simply call them Koi and Not-Koi. “He’s really elderly,” I say. “He’s really deaf. You can walk right by him and he won’t move.” “Mom, I think this […]

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The Ninth of Av

When my mother, of blessed memory, was in her mid-fifties, she attended a self-help psychology workshop. Afterwards, she said, “This isn’t for me, it’s for people with problems. I don’t have any problems. I mean, I have some problems that are so big they are the foundation of my entire life, but I don’t have any problems.” Of course, I knew what she meant: twenty years earlier our brother had […]

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