Jewish Renewal

Is Kabbalah a Universal Theology?

Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, has been handed down from Biblical times. It has appeared in different guises, expressed in the languages and cultural styles of different times and places. The kabbalistic tradition focuses on attaining direct knowledge of the divine —  through philosophical theology, metaphorical Biblical interpretation, reflective prayer, chanting, silent meditation, astral travel, and more. Kabbalah takes the idea of monotheism very seriously. So seriously that it turns monotheism into monism – […]

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Spiritual Leadership

We are all spiritual leaders in our daily lives. When we embody the gifts we have received through our religious traditions, we lead by example. We all have different approaches to our leadership. For example, earlier this week, in my role as Conference Program Chair for the OHALAH Association of Clergy for Jewish Renewal, I received the following email: Hi Rabbi Duhan Kaplan: I am writing in regards to the annual Shabbaton […]

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