The Ninth of Av

When my mother, of blessed memory, was in her mid-fifties, she attended a self-help psychology workshop. Afterwards, she said, “This isn’t for me, it’s for people with problems. I don’t have any problems. I mean, I have some problems that are so big they are the foundation of my entire life, but I don’t have any problems.” Of course, I knew what she meant: twenty years earlier our brother had […]

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Broken-hearted Prayer

So many dead in racial violence in one short, chaotic American week. Dear Lord. Dear Lord. Whose heart isn’t breaking? Some people know exactly how to respond – but I don’t. As a religious and spiritual person, I’m moved to pray. But is prayer an effective response to crisis? Of course it depends what kind of prayer we have in mind. Praying a traditional synagogue liturgy of peace with special […]

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