Depth Psychology

On Tyrants

Imagine a man told about moderation who never quite gets the hang of it. As a young adult, he is released into the free society, unable to anchor himself with any principles of self-regulation. He fills his time with “feasts and carousals and revelings and courtesans,” spending all his money in a constant party frenzy. Bankrupt, he tries to figure out who he can defraud out of their property…

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Walking the labyrinth is an ancient movement meditation. With focus, you walk a winding path from margin to center, following a single route in and back out. The process invites spiritual metaphors, encouraging you to reframe your questions and quests. Don’t bother trying to read about it. Everything the books say is ridiculous. “It’s a map of your spiritual life.” “A microcosm of planet earth.” “A cosmic map of creation.” […]

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Hanukkah’s Casual Violence

Hanukkah is coming. It’s time to tell stories about armed resistance against oppression. Children will read about the five brave Maccabee sons in picture books. Hebrew school students will enact dramatic battles in seasonal plays. Feminists and art lovers will view graphic paintings of Judith cutting off the head of Holofernes. Musicians will sing about the wars won by God and human beings. We’ll experience a cathartic cycle of fear, […]

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