Death of a Cat

“Mom, mom, mom, mom,” says Eli. “Not-Koi is in front of our house and he’s not moving.” Not-Koi is a neighbor, a yellow tabby cat, a long-time friend of our yellow tabby Koi. The two cats look so much alike, that we simply call them Koi and Not-Koi. “He’s really elderly,” I say. “He’s really deaf. You can walk right by him and he won’t move.” “Mom, I think this […]

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Did Noah Speak Crow?

I’m an experienced hiker, but sometimes I do stupid things. A few years ago, I made three mistakes at once. In a single day, I traveled from sea level to 12,000 feet above it, taking no time to acclimate to 37% drop in oxygen intake. There I went hiking on the tundra — alone and off-trail. At one point, I took off my pack, sat down on a cliff overlooking a gorgeous […]

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Revelation on the Railroad

Kabbalah’s key teachings encourage us to know God through creation. God is One, without limit and without end. So limitless that God is, in fact, the only being. Everything that exists is a facet of God. Everyday reality is a series of surface views of reality’s deep structure — God. Creation is simply God’s ongoing flow, God’s manifestation in the world’s forms. As we learn about those forms — nature, […]

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