Walking the labyrinth is an ancient movement meditation. With focus, you walk a winding path from margin to center, following a single route in and back out. The process invites spiritual metaphors, encouraging you to reframe your questions and quests. Don’t bother trying to read about it. Everything the books say is ridiculous. “It’s a map of your spiritual life.” “A microcosm of planet earth.” “A cosmic map of creation.” […]

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Interfaith or Multicultural?

dragons at wedding cropped

Young statisticians in love. Can you imagine their wedding? If you do, please don’t imagine anything stuffy or stilted. Because I attended it last weekend, and it was a fascinating multicultural event. The bride is Jewish, born to North American parents. The groom is Chinese, from a family based in Hong Kong. The groom studied Judaism; enthusiastically embraced Shabbat and holiday practices; but chose not to convert. The couple has […]

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Economic Inequality

Vancouver wikimedia man and dog near skytrain station

Vancouver, Canada can be an expensive Paradise. Our family is lucky to live in a diverse neighborhood, with cottages that sell for $2 million, condos that sell for $500,000, basement suites that rent for $1500 a month, cooperative apartments that rent for $750 a month, and buses to nearby homeless shelters. Here, you can’t turn away from economic inequality. You see its results in high suicide rates among marginalized groups, […]

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Death of a Cat

Koi and Not-Koi

“Mom, mom, mom, mom,” says Eli. “Not-Koi is in front of our house and he’s not moving.” Not-Koi is a neighbor, a yellow tabby cat, a long-time friend of our yellow tabby Koi. The two cats look so much alike, that we simply call them Koi and Not-Koi. “He’s really elderly,” I say. “He’s really deaf. You can walk right by him and he won’t move.” “Mom, I think this […]

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