God Is Not Eternal


This Shabbat, all around the world, Jews will sing the medieval hymn Adon Olam. Because we usually sing it at the end of prayer services, we sing it hungry, and we sing it fast. Rarely do we linger on the words. What a loss! Adon Olam is a philosophical gem. It pushes the human mind to its edges. Stimulates questions, wonder, and reflection. And calls into question the entire prayer service. The Artscroll edition prayer […]

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Don’t Expect a Perfect Rabbi


Rabbinic scandals, anyone? Voyeurism, clannishness, sexual harassment, court battles over defamation. We’re shocked – not just because we expect better. But because we are used to clergy being better. Daily, I read about politicians, pundits, and celebrities. Reviewed for tax evasion. Spouting profanity at public events. Using public funds for personal luxuries. Inventing negative stories about competitors. Spewing hateful speech. No surprises here. From them, unfortunately, I expect it. But […]

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Game of Thrones Theodicy


You’re excited for the Game of Thrones, Season 5 finale. So am I. You’re feeding your excitement by reading recaps, reviews, and predictions on the internet. So am I. You like philosophy and theology. Maybe you’re interested in questions of theodicy, such as, “Does a just and compassionate God govern the word?” I am, too! You’re willing to read philosophical reflections on Game of Thrones. Good – because I have written […]

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What is belief?

shy philosophers

It’s summer! Time to explore the neighbourhood. To be daring! To try new things! In that spirit, I attended the “Shy Philosophers” gathering at the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House, to discuss “What is belief?” I wasn’t a featured speaker, host, or resource person. I simply joined 12 other adults, seated in a circle of beat-up couches and folding chairs. Facilitators JJ and DV invited each of us to offer a […]

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