To Infinity and Beyond

Laura on glacier

Solomon Ibn Gabirol A Jew raised in Muslim Spain 11th century   Known to Jews as a literary artist a liturgical poet of wild imagination and skill   Known to Muslims as a philosopher in the Neo-Platonic tradition able to put the subtlest metaphysical intuitions into a single word   Solomon Ibn Gabirol Likely the author of Adon Olam   You know Adon Olam, The last song of the Shabbat […]

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A Divine Hug

Wendy and Andrew

“People from the United Church of Canada like to hug,” said my friend B. I filed this random fact away under Important Information. Little did I know it would soon come in handy. A few days later, I received an email invitation: Might I facilitate a women’s retreat for West Vancouver United Church? The women would love to learn with a woman rabbi. Certainly, I said, and we set up […]

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Deep Ecumenism

Sandy's Deep Ecumenism Banner

Interfaith dialogue is in fashion – because it is so urgent! As we approach it, how shall we understand what we are doing? Should we assume we are learning a new language for a familiar spiritual landscape? Or entering a radically new cultural world? Or starting a journey with an unpredictable route and destination? In Indigenous and Inter-Religious Studies at the Vancouver School of Theology we explore precisely these questions. This two-part lecture offers a  wonderful […]

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Spiritual Leadership


We are all spiritual leaders in our daily lives. When we embody the gifts we have received through our religious traditions, we lead by example. We all have different approaches to our leadership. For example, earlier this week, in my role as Conference Program Chair for the OHALAH Association of Clergy for Jewish Renewal, I received the following email: Hi Rabbi Duhan Kaplan: I am writing in regards to the annual Shabbaton […]

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What’s Your Question?

What question will guide your New Year’s resolutions this year? What will be the focus of your self-improvement plan? Maybe it’s presumptuous of me to imagine you have a key question. Maybe you’ve had years when you didn’t really plan anything at all, but wandered from experience to experience, thought to thought, feeling to feeling. Years when your guiding question was: What am I curious about? Maybe one year you […]

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