God is Coming and She Brings Hope

ducklings mom safety

For forty-eight minutes, Father O’ neal was dead. As he crossed over into the next realm, he saw God. Forty-eight hours later, he was well enough to speak about his vision: “She had a soft and soothing voice and her presence was as reassuring as a mother’s embrace.” His Archbishop intervened quickly, issuing a press release stating that Father O’neal had suffered hallucinations linked to a near-death experience, and that […]

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Return of the Eagle

News seems to be bad everywhere. Copenhagen, Egypt, France, the West Bank, North Carolina, even Canada. Each day, the voice of hope seems to be receding. But yesterday, I heard it! A signature, high-pitched, fast-paced chitter! A bald eagle, perched in the tree above me at Stanley Park, hidden from view. And today, I saw it. As our local crows screamed their outrage, four bald eagles rode the thermal currents […]

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Between Gods: A Memoir


Yesterday, I attended the BC Achievement Awards ceremony for Canadian Non-fiction. It was a lovely event, showcasing great work in BC, bringing together artists, intellectuals, community activists and donors. At this luncheon, I had the honour of introducing one of the four finalists for the award: Alison Pick, for her book Between Gods: A Memoir. I fell in love with this book at first read, so I am sharing my introduction […]

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Spiritual Ecology for Tu BeShevat


Tu BeShevat, 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat. In Talmudic tales, tax day for orchard owners. In Kabbalistic thought, reflection on seeds as divine sparks. In modern times, a day to plant trees. In contemporary life, an urgent call to heal our planetary ecological crisis. A call that is implied in the early Kabbalistic Seder (text for a ritual meal) for Tu BeShevat, Pri Etz Hadar. By practicing […]

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Dreaming of Hitler


Friends, just a few nights ago, I had a bizarre and baffling dream. Before I share the content, I should add: this was a beautiful dream. In it, I felt loved and at peace. I am a child. I live in a comfortable military compound, where I also go to school. My biological father, the man in charge, is Hitler. One day, a man wearing a green Italian army uniform […]

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