Mystics and the Mind

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Can mysticism save the world? That is one of many questions I discussed in my recent talk at the Vancouver School of Theology. Please, click on the word “talk” above. Read and reflect on this blend of personal narrative, depth psychology, biblical interpretation, and social commentary. Thank you so much!

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What I Believe

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Here’s a new Facebook challenge. List ten core principles of your spiritual life. Or your personal theology. Or your lived religious beliefs. Use the public language of your own religious tradition. Or the words you use when you whisper quietly to yourself. Reflect on how you think and feel today, right at this moment. Or on the commitments that have held you steady for years. Here are ten of mine, […]

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The Inner Warrior


“The true test of a warrior is not without – it is within.” – Lieutenant Commander Worf, Star Trek: The Next Generation Current events, recent readings in the yearly Torah cycle, and the inner work of preparing for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, come together in this famous literary quotation. The books of Bamidbar (Numbers) and Devarim (Deuteronomy) talk a lot about war: how to wage it justly, how to win, […]

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Re-discovering Cynicism

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Help! I am trapped inside the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, looking out onto the world. Vanity of vanities, says Kohelet, it’s all vanity (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Yes, I’m a social media junkie. And I am so tired of this summer’s news cycle. Now that the cease fire seems to be holding in Gaza, it’s no longer interesting to North Americans. ISIS atrocities got a few days and then everything switched to Robin Williams’ sad […]

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Holy War: Moses v. Joshua


Joshua, Moses’ trusted assistant, has exactly three spoken lines in the Five Books of Moses, a.k.a. the Torah. After the revelation of the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai, Moses and Joshua climb the mountain. From below, they hear the sound of people worshiping an idol, the Golden Calf. Joshua says, “The sound of war is in the camp!” (Exodus 32:17). “No,” replies Moses, “That’s the sound of people singing.” When […]

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