Revelation on the Railroad

Train in tunnel by Charles Kaplan

Kabbalah’s key teachings encourage us to know God through creation. God is One, without limit and without end. So limitless that God is, in fact, the only being. Everything that exists is a facet of God. Everyday reality is a series of surface views of reality’s deep structure — God. Creation is simply God’s ongoing flow, God’s manifestation in the world’s forms. As we learn about those forms — nature, […]

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How to Be Intuitive

weathered tree growth rings Michael Gabler

At the Ranger Station in Glacier, WA, a slice of Douglas fir sits on a throne. Near it, an interpretive sign says: Growth rings spaced closely together indicate difficult growing periods, while rings spaced further apart indicate more prosperous seasons of development experienced by the tree.  Oh, how I empathized! I’ve had difficult and prosperous times, too. Recalling them, I cried. I reached out to the tree, touching its thick-ringed centre. Such a strong heart! I touched […]

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Pilgrimage to Forgiveness


My husband and I are on a pilgrimage to Mt. Baker. Yes, a pilgrimage. There’s nothing else to call it. From our home 100 miles away, we watch the mountain every day. A glaciated volcano, white giant, heavenly being, silent witness, prophet with a steady message: “I am here.” Or maybe just, “I am.” On a pilgrimage, one should learn something. Something spiritual. Up close, Baker seems a different mountain. […]

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Creation vs. Evolution: Thousand Year-old Debate


Okay, religious people, and atheists, too. You’re familiar with the debate, creation vs. evolution. Creationists say: God created our world. Out of nothing, God fashioned the species we know today. Just as the Bible literally tells it. Evolutionists say: Our world evolves continuously. As some elements shift, others respond. Just as biology proves. You probably have participated in this discussion. And taken a side too: Science or spirituality. Tradition or […]

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